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Focus! Concentrate! Attention!

Wandering is what the mind does, no need to judge or be angry at the wandering. Recognise you’ve been distracted. You’re only human…
4 Minute Read

"Essence" of Adolescence

In the past few years, in the company of teens in my work and in my personal life, I have found myself suddenly struck by euphemisms like “vintage” and “retro,” as if some-how I have entered into this age bracket of urban slang that suddenly fits me.
3 Minute Read

Calming Chaos

My four-year old stood squarely before me, clenched jaw, furrowed eye brows, large brown eyes locked in my gaze, fists tense as she stomps her tiny foot like a lead weight determinedly on the ground … “I WANT to. Watch. Cinderella!”
4 minute read

Are you Thriving?

The questions plaguing the words “mental health,” provokes clinical labels that reinforce stigma.
5 Minute Read

Stressed Out

“I’m stressed!” is so much part of our everyday language that it’s socially acceptable that were sometimes moody and sleep deprived.
5 Minute Read

Plug-in to your teen

With a plethora of mobile devices, apps and social media, we are constantly pulled to plug into whatever is interesting, available and convenient.
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